Wednesday, February 09, 2022

SBL Panel on Leviticus 10

ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: Leviticus 10: an SBL 2021 Panel (Angela Roskop Erisman).
The papers that constitute this forum first appeared as a conference panel at the 2021 meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. They discuss several different issues that are relevant to questions of the relationship between ritual and narrative, ritual innovation in both practice and ideal, and the historical development of the priesthood in ancient Israel, including its intersection with political power. The place of Leviticus 10 in the development of priestly literature in the Torah bears at every turn on how these issues are understood. ...
The first essay in the series is now posted: Error and Response in Leviticus 10 (Nathan MacDonald).
The main problems that the text of Lev 10 confronts the modern interpreter with are not primarily compositional, but exegetical. There are two intractable problems. First, what precisely was the error in vv. 1–2 that led to Nadav and Avihu being consumed by divine fire? Edward Greenstein memorably described this incident as ‘a punishment in search of a crime’.[1] Secondly, why does Aaron’s enigmatic response in v. 19 mollify Moses and allow an irregular practice to be permitted? I don’t think I misrepresent scholarship when I say that we have not find a compelling solution to either problem. ...

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