Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ancient underground Turkish city hid Christians and Jews?

SUBTERRANEAN ARCHAEOLOGY: Underground city unearthed in Turkey may have been refuge for early Christians. Archaeologists in southeastern Turkey have unearthed a vast underground city that was built almost 2,000 years ago (Tom Metcalfe, Live Science).
Now, 49 chambers have been unearthed in the colossal complex, as well as connecting passages, water wells, grain storage silos, the rooms of homes, and places of worship, including a Christian church and a large hall with a Star of David symbol on the wall, which appears to be a Jewish synagogue.

Artifacts found in the caverns — including Roman-era coins and oil lamps — indicate that the subterranean complex was built sometime in the second or third centuries A.D, Tarkan told Live Science.

For another underground complex in Turkey, this one in Kars Province and used by late-antique Armenian monks, see here.

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