Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Mokhtarian, Medicine in the Talmud (UC Press)

TALMUD WATCH: Ancient Jewish text preserves real-world remedies (Kate Blackwood, Cornell Chronicle).
In “Medicine in the Talmud: Natural and Supernatural Therapies Between Magic and Science,” Jason Mokhtarian argues that the rabbis subscribed to a common medical culture they shared with pagans, Christians, Mandaeans and other therapeutic schools of thought, while at the same time making it their own.
The full reference is Jason Sion Mokhtarian, Medicine in the Talmud: Natural and Supernatural Therapies between Magic and Science (University of California Press, 2022). The publisher gives the publication as July 2022, but it seems to be available now. Cross-file under New Book.

This article has an interview with the author. I have noted other work by him here, here, and here.

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