Saturday, July 23, 2022

The Bible Mapper Blog

About This Site The Bible Mapper Blog exists to help people understand God’s Word better by helping them understand the world in which the Bible was written. Just as particular places today can carry significant, unspoken meaning for people (e.g., Normandy Beach, Hollywood, or the Bermuda Triangle), places in Scripture were often mentioned to evoke associations for readers that are not explicitly stated in the text. We hope you find this site to be a rich resource of maps and information that help you see this meaning and the message of Scripture with greater clarity than you have ever experienced before.

You are welcome to use these maps for any non-commercial purposes. The only requirement is that you cite as the source of the map(s), and if you are including them in an online resource, provide a hyperlink back to For any commercial use, please contact us first at the contact information provided here:

This blog has been running since early 2020, but I have only just encountered it. If the Administrator gives his or her name, I can't find it. Some posts of interest include: And there are many other posts relevant to the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and more.

HT Todd Bolen at the Bible Places Blog.

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