Sunday, August 28, 2022

A call for a Hannibal movie

CINEMA AND PUNIC WATCH: Top 10 Historical Events That Have Yet To Be Adapted To Film, According to Reddit. The film industry has covered a wide range of historical events, but there are some stories that Redditors still think need their time to shine (DOUGLAS CARRUTHERS, Screen Rant). Number 4 in the list:
Hannibal The Conqueror

Quite possibly the "Greatest Military General in history" or so says littledramaboy when suggesting that there should be a film of the legendary commander of Carthage, Hannibal. Aside from a few appearances in some Italian silent films and the subject of multiple documentaries, there has not been a single feature film on one of the greatest military minds to have walked on this Earth. ...

My regular readers are aware that Vin Diesel has been planning such a film for many years.

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