Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Ecbatana display and workshop

EVENT: Ecbatana: photo exhibit, workshop to spotlight 22 seasons of excavation (Tehran Times). HT Rogue Classicism.
Organized to mark 22 chapters of archaeological excavations on Hegmataneh, the event will be turning the spotlight on the scientific and specialized concepts of protection and restoration conducted on the discovered ruins and relics, the official stated.

Situated in modern Hamedan, west-central Iran, Ecbatana was one of the ancient world’s greatest cities. Pitifully little remains from antiquity, but significant parts of the city center are given over to excavations. Ecbatana was the capital of Media and subsequently a summer residence of the Achaemenid kings who ruled Persia from 553 to 330 BC.

The article give a summary of Ecbatana's history, but doesn't refer to the city's mention in the Bible (Ezra 6:2). Background here.

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