Friday, August 05, 2022

An app to unpack rabbinic literature

ALGORITHM WATCH: New AI technology hopes to change everything we know about Jewish texts. Prof. Moshe Koppel finds a new way to read Ancient Hebrew text through a groundbreaking AI technology that will be launched this week (Zvika Klein, Jerusalem Post).
This new technology is called Dicta Maivin (dictation expert). It’s a new addition and app of the Dicta organization that makes rabbinic literature accessible by automatically vocalizing and punctuating it, opening abbreviations and identifying source texts.
This (free!) technology is reportedly about to be released to the public. If the claims about it bear up, it sounds like a signficant advance for the study of ancient and medieval Hebrew literature.

A less ambitious, but still impressive, project at the Holon Institute of Technology is working on an algorithm to identify quotations in Jewish texts.

For more on using algorithms to study ancient Judaism etc., see the link in the previous paragraph, plus here and here.

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