Friday, October 07, 2022

Fragments of a lost Yerushalmi tractate?

THE GENIZA FRAGMENTS BLOG: Q&A Wednesday: Recovering the lost Yerushalmi, with Elyashiv Cherlow.
These really are tiny fragments, just a few centimetres! What is their significance?

The Jerusalem Talmud wasn’t transmitted well, and there’s only one surviving complete copy of it – written in Italy at the end of the 13th century. It’s not a very good manuscript. The Genizah fragments are therefore very important for the textual history of the Yerushalmi. A couple of years ago, Yaacov Sussmann’s Ginze Yerushalmi was published, which brings together all the Genizah fragments of the Jerusalem Talmud. It’s an incredibly useful publication.

The tiny Geniza fragments in question appear to be from the lost Avodah Zarah tractate of the Yerushalmi.

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