Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Review of Sievers (ed.), The Pharisees

THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER: Scholars outline history of the Pharisees and roots of harmful anti-Jewish stereotypes (Chris Seeman).
The Pharisees

Edited by Joseph Sievers and Amy-Jill Levine

482 pages; Eerdmans


... The conference that produced this volume was notable for its ecumenical and interreligious inclusivity. The contributing scholars were Jews and Christians, Protestants and Catholics, women and men, priests and laity. This diversity of affiliation and expertise models the kind of collaboration needed not only to advance knowledge but also to bring that knowledge to bear on an ongoing problem: the (often unintentional) perpetuation of misinformation about Jews by Christians at the pulpit, in the classroom and in cultural discourse generally. ...

I noted the 2019 conference here. Ancient Jew Review published papers from an SBL forum on the book, noted here, here, and here.

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