Friday, December 23, 2022

McClellan, YHWH's Divine Images (SBL)

YHWH's Divine Images: A Cognitive Approach
Daniel O. McClellan

ISBN 9781628374384
Volume ANEM 29
Status Available
Publication Date October 2022
Paperback $45.00
Hardback $65.00

A reevaluation of Yahwistic divine images in the Hebrew Bible

In YHWH’s Divine Images: A Cognitive Approach, Daniel O. McClellan addresses the longstanding question of how it is that divine images could be referred to as if they both were and were not the deities they represented. Drawing insights from the fields of cognitive linguistics and the cognitive science of religion and applying them to the remains from first-millennium BCE Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Israel, and Judah, McClellan develops a theoretical framework for divine agency and divine images in ancient Southwest Asia that explains this apparent paradox. He then applies that framework to the Hebrew Bible to show that the presence of the God of Israel was similarly manifested through material media devoted to communicating the divine.

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