Thursday, May 25, 2023

A second Baron Award for Emanuel Tov

RECOGNITION: Emanuel Tov wins second Baron Award. For Scholarly Excellence in Research of the Jewish Experience (University of Vienna).
Tov’s research focuses on the Hebrew Bible as the central text of Judaism, and its history. His book “Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible” is one of the standard works in Jewish Studies. Tov’s research has enhanced our knowledge on how Biblical text was shaped significantly. Tov is a leading figure of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project. Under his guidance, more than thirty volumes appeared between 1992 and 2010 in the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert series. Like Salo W. Baron, Emanuel Tov is one of the few scholars who contributed to a new field of research but also to the organisation of research and science.
Congratulations to Professor Tov on receiving yet another well-deserved award.

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