Sunday, November 19, 2023

Review of Bernstein, Silius Italicus: Punica, book 9

BRYN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW: Silius Italicus: Punica, book 9.
Neil W. Bernstein, Silius Italicus: Punica, book 9. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2022. Pp. 272. ISBN 9780198838166

Review by
Clayton A. Schroer, Agnes Scott College.

... These quibbles aside, Bernstein has offered us a commentary that is tremendously useful, erudite, and accessible—not to mention timely. It will find a spot on the shelf of every scholar of Silius’ Punica and post-Vergilian Latin epic. The book is handsomely produced, and I noticed virtually no typographical errors. Bernstein has long had a place as one of the patres of the renaissance of critical appreciation for the Punica, and we should thank him for this most recent contribution. More commentaries on the poem will surely follow. Book 5, anyone?

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