Wednesday, November 22, 2023

News about the Coptic Magical Papyri Project

THE COPTIC MAGICAL PAPYRI BLOG: 2023 Review: The End of the Coptic Magical Papyri Project and the Beginning of the Papyri Copticae Magicae.
It’s hard to believe that a little over five years have now passed since the three original members of the Coptic Magical Papyri project sat in the Egyptology department in Würzburg and began to plan how we could contribute to the study of Coptic magical texts. In August of this year our project ended, and so in this blog post we will discuss what we achieved in the last five years, beginning with our exciting news, the publication of the first in a new series of Coptic magical texts, Papyri Copticae Magicae.


Congratulations to the Project on its many achievements. They include a New Book, which initiates a new series.

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