Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Sidg 2023 observance canceled due to the war

ETHIOPIC WATCH: The annual Jewish-Ethiopian holiday ceremony was canceled due to the war. "The essence of Sigd is the renewal of the covenant between our people and God, reflecting our yearning for Zion and Jerusalem," Ethiopian-Israeli MK Dr. Tsega Melaku said on X (Zvika Klein, Maariv/Jerusalem Post).
Due to the war, the Sigd annual national holiday ceremony, celebrating the ancient Ethiopian Jewish tradition, was canceled and only a few of the leaders participated in a small ceremony. The event was due to take place on Monday in Jerusalem, and usually hosts senior figures such as the Israeli president, as well as the rabbis of the Ethiopian communities.


Sidg observance was also much scaled down during the Covid lockdown in 2020. For more on the Sidg holiday, follow the links from there.

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