Friday, December 15, 2023

Latest on raising the Mazzarón II

PHOENICIAN WATCH: Archaeologists Plan Rescue of Ancient Phoenician Shipwreck in Spain (Nisha Zahid, Greek Reporter).
A team of nine technicians from the University of Valencia dedicated 560 hours to meticulously examining the shipwreck. Equipped with scuba gear, they carried out their investigations over a period of more than two weeks in June.

Their objective was to document all the cracks and openings in the ship’s structure, which currently rests at 60 meters (equivalent to 66 yards) near Mazarron’s Playa de la Isla.

Later this year, a team of experts will provide recommendations on how to safeguard and recover the shipwreck, potentially as early as next summer.

For more on this Phoenician shipwreck from roughly the sixth century BCE, see here and links. At that time this investigation was still in progress.

There is also another Phoenicial shipwreck of comparable age (the "Mazzarón I"), which seems to be undergoing restoration in the nearby town of Cartagena. See the link above for more.

Note the variable spellings Mazarrón (Mazarron) and Mazzarón (Mazzaron).

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