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Coin hoard excavated in Lod dated to Gallus Revolt

ARCHAEOLOGY AND NUMISMATICS: Archaeologists Find Evidence of the Last Jewish Revolt Against Rome. Around 1,650 years ago, the Jews of Lod and the Galilee arose against Rome. The Gallus Revolt didn't go any better than the previous rebellions had (Ruth Schuster, Haaretz).
Thus the hoard of 94 coins from the time of the Gallus Revolt, the last Jewish rebellion against Rome, was belatedly regained, the IAA revealed on Sunday.

The stash had been placed under the floor of a 4th century building probably associated with the ancient Jewish community of Late Roman Lod on what is today Nordau Street. The coins were dated between 221 and 354 C.E.

The story is also covered by the Times of Israel:

Ancient Lod coin hoard reveals details of little-known 4th-century Jewish uprising. 94 coins found in a destroyed Jewish public building were buried during the short-lived Gallus Revolt, undertaken by the Jews during a time of Roman civil war (Gavriel Fiske)

and Live Science:

1,700-year-old 'emergency hoard' of coins dates to last revolt of Jews against Roman rule. Many of the silver and bronze coins were minted during the Gallus. Revolt during the Roman era (Jennifer Nalewicki)

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