Monday, April 14, 2003

BLAIR COMMENTS ON LOOTED MUSEUM in an address to Parliament (from Voice of AmericaNews):
Mr. Blair also expressed concern about the looting of Baghdad's archeological museum, and he said efforts are on to deal with the problem.

"There is a conference happening this Thursday at which the director of the British Museum will attend in order to see what we can do and of course we will also be making provisions to make sure that no stolen works of art can come onto the market," he said. "So we will do everything we possibly can in relation to this and we understand that it is a serious responsibility for us."

UNESCO also hopes to enter Iraq soon to assess the damage (from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation). There is a meeting in Paris scheduled for Thursday (from Reuters) - presumably the one the Prime Minister refers to above.

Meanwhile, "US Forces and Iraqis Begin Joint Patrols of Baghdad" (from the New York Times).

Enough for now! Goodnight.

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