Thursday, April 10, 2003

A REFERENCE TO A MUSEUM AT RUINS OF BABYLON in an article in the New York Times:

As they spoke, another general, Benjamin C. Freakley was calling for an army fuel truck to deliver diesel to a water plant. During the battles over the last week, General Freakley had been the forward commander, and he drove from one battlefront to the next, discussing tactics with everyone from commanders with maps to privates in bunkers.


Later, General Freakley stopped briefly at the Babylonian ruins. At a museum, the curator explained that the Hussein government had ordered one of the gates cinder-blocked up. This made the entryway inconvenient. Perhaps the general could help by having the cinder blocks removed?

General Freakley promised that he would. In his Humvee, he radioed the Army engineers, gave them a map grid number to steer them to the museum, and then turned north to Baghdad, where the 101st would join other troops.

"This has been a pretty good day," General Freakley said.

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