Tuesday, April 08, 2003

A SURVEY OF THE HISTORY OF MEGIDDO in the Toronto Star (via Archaeologica News).

Silent stones, scattered bones, Armageddon


MEGIDDO�On a deceptively tranquil spring day, one can sit on the crumbling stones of this ancient site, hypnotized by the birdsong and the sweet, heady scent of early jasmine and almond blossom, feeling at peace with the world.

But this is Armageddon, originally the Hebrew "Har Megiddon," a name that has gone through the ages as the sum of all fears: the biblical place of the final battle on Earth. A place of war, suffering and death.

Oddly, the article never explains how Mount Megiddo became the eschatological "Armageddon" (see Revelation 16:16).

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