Friday, July 18, 2003


Roger Atwood's account of the looting of the Baghdad Museum has been reprinted by the Wall Street Journal (via Jack Sasson on the IraqCrisis list). Walter Sommerfeld's version of the same events (noted in the 23 June update here) has been reprinted by Counterpunch and Countercurrents and some similar sites. Which is more likely to be reliable? I blog, you decide.

There's lot's more in the news about the looting of Iraqi antiquities but I don't have time to track it all. The current estimate is that about 10,500 artifacts were taken from the Baghdad Museum. And serious looting continues in many ruins. (I wish someone would take up my proposal to douse the looters with liquid putrescine from the air. Anyone know who I could suggest this to?). Anyhow, I encourage you either to subscribe to the IraqCrisis list and/or to watch its archive and Francis Deblauwe's site.

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