Saturday, July 19, 2003

I'M OFF TO CAMBRIDGE early tomorrow morning for the International Society of Biblical Literature conference. As promised, I have posted my paper "(How) Can We Tell if a Greek Apocryphon or Pseudepigraphon Has Been Translated from Hebrew or Aramaic?" online, along with the handout that goes with it. It replaces an earlier version that was an online lecture for my Old Testament Pseudepigrapha course in 2002 and is a short and preliminary version of a chapter in the book that I intend to finish next year while on research leave. Comments welcome, as always.

The conference starts tomorrow evening and goes until Friday morning. I will try to catch a few minutes here and there to let you know how things are going, but blogging is likely to be very light until Saturday the 26th.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to visit the sites I mentioned when I left for the Enoch Seminar. (And by the way, Avraham, if Naomi Chana was there, she didn't reveal herself to me and I can't think of any likely candidates unless she's fiddled her biographical details.) Readers should also keep an eye on Bible and Interpretation News, which invariably has interesting online stuff pertaining to the Bible.

Want more? Then have a look at The Sch�yen Collection:

This is a huge private collection of manuscripts (ancient to modern) including Qumran and later Hebrew Bible manuscripts, NT and LXX manuscripts, Latin Bible fragments, Coptic Bible fragments, biblical and Christian Ethiopic MSS, Bible fragments in other languages, other Qumran texts and materials, and much more, ranging from Sumerian tablets to Shakespeare fragments, with good photographs of most of it. The collection is located mostly in London and Oslo and most of the manuscripts are not yet published, although publication of much of it is underway.

I'm not sure our server problems are entirely over, so if you want to e-mail me about something it would be a good idea to wait until I'm back home. Have a good week, I'll blog if and when I can, and I expect to be back at my desk on Saturday, 26 July.

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