Saturday, November 29, 2003

BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION: A Journal of Contemporary Approaches has a new, double issue out (11.3/4). Some of the many articles include:

Leviticus 16 Als Mitte Der Tora
Rolf Rendtorff

Gazing Back At the Shulammite, Yet Again
Athalya Brenner

Seeing Solomon's Palanquin (Song of Songs 3:6-11)
J. Cheryl Exum

Proving Yahweh Killed His Wife (Zechariah 5:5-11)
Diana Edelman

Ezra-nehemiah as a Narrative of (re-invented) Israelite Identity
Philip F. Esler

Israel's Holy Seed and the Foreign Women of Ezra-nehemiah: a Kristevan Reading
Harold C. Washington

'Rouzing the Faculties to Act': William Blake, Merkabah Mysticism, the Theology of Liberation and the Exegetical Importance of Experience
Christopher Rowland

With many more articles on Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and biblical historiography and theology. Requires personal or institutional paid subscription to access.

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