Thursday, November 25, 2004

SAN ANTONIO is my father's home town, where he was born and raised.

The Tower of the Americas was built in the Hemisfair Park. during the 1968 World's Fair. I had breakfast in it when I was a kid in 1969, while we were visiting my grandparents. This shot was taken last week from the window of my hotel room.

Remember the Alamo. Friday was a nice sunny day, so I was able to walk around a bit and to do the Alamo tour.

Some of the other photos need some touching up, so I'll leave them for later. I'll try to post something more substantive presently. Meanwhile, Mark Goodacre has been blogging the conference like a fiend. Start with this post and then just keep moving forward.

UPDATE: On Friday evening the Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins met.

Here are some of the usual suspects.

For the last eight years, Jeffrey Gibson has been organizing a face to face meeting at the SBL conference of such members of biblical e-mail lists as wish to be present. We meet on Saturday at the Gramcord booth in the book display area. Here is the lot who showed up this year:

You can see me on the far left, back row, Mark Goodacre on the far right, back row, and Stephen Carlson in the front row, second from the right. Jeffrey is front row, just left of center. I don't know what the blur in front of him is. The Spirit of Bible-E-lists maybe?

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