Sunday, April 10, 2005

ASSIMILATED TO THE BLOGOSPHERE: Last week Tyler F. Williams, of Taylor University College in Edmonton, Alberta, e-mailed to alert me to his new blog, Codex. His first entry reads:
Welcome to my blogspot! I hope that my blog will be worthy of your attention. I hope to post my musings on Biblical Studies, Biblical Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Popular Culture, and pretty much anything else that interests me! I will also let you know about site updates and special academic events in the Edmonton area, among other things.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Tyler!

The blog is one element of a website that contains lots of resources on biblical studies and related subjects.

UPDATE: Michael Turton notes further assimilation: a new blog called KAIMOI by University of Birmingham doctoral student Ken Olson, who is working on the Testimonium Flavianum (the mention of Jesus by Josephus). If this parody post (I hope it's a parody!) on the Infancy Gospel of Thomas is any indication, we should be seeing some good blogging from him.

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