Sunday, May 22, 2005

AUT ISRAEL-BOYCOTT UPDATE: John Lyons has alerted me to the following link, which gives the text of around 31 motions to be debated in the meeting on the 26th. Most of the motions are against the boycott.

I think my favorite is #7:
Reading Whereas resolutions on boycotting specific Israeli universities were passed by council in circumstances which precluded due investigation, consideration and debate; whereas they offend against the fundamental principles of academic freedom to which the membership subscribes; and whereas their effect has been to damage AUT, bringing it into disrepute both nationally and internationally, those resolutions are now overturned by council with immediate effect.

Brief and to the point.

Then there's #18:
York Council instructs the executive committee to prepare proposals that prevent or hinder AUT from making mistakes similar to that of adopting motion 58 of council in April 2005. An appropriate change might, for example, prohibit AUT activities in a spectrum of political issues or require a very large voting majority before engaging in certain kinds of activities.

Not a bad idea.

Number 19 (Oxford) is also good.

Anyhow, the overall picture is encouraging and indicates that most of the membership understand what a miscalculation this boycott was and how badly it has damaged the reputation of the AUT.

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