Friday, November 11, 2005

GOLIATH WAS HERE. Well, maybe not that Goliath, but a Goliath nonetheless.
Finding Said to Boost Proof of Goliath

JERUSALEM, Nov. 11, 2005
(AP) Archaeologists digging at the purported biblical home of Goliath have unearthed a shard of pottery bearing an inscription of the Philistine's name, a find they claimed lends historical credence to the Bible's tale of David's battle with the giant.

While the discovery is not definitive evidence of Goliath's existence, it does support the Bible's depiction of life at the time the battle was supposed to have occurred, said Dr. Aren Maeir, a professor at Bar-Ilan University and director of the excavation.

"What this means is that at the time there were people there named Goliath," he said. "It shows us that David and Goliath's story reflects the cultural reality of the time." In the story, David slew Goliath with a slingshot.


A sling, not a slingshot. Sigh.

UPDATE: It seems that maybe it's just someone who had a name a bit like Goliath. That's rather less interesting, although a tenth-century BCE inscribed ostracon is in itself very important news, whatever it has on it. Christopher Heard has lots of links and commentary over at Higgaion.

UPDATE (12 November): More here.

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