Sunday, June 04, 2006

I GUESS IT'S NOT OFFICIAL -- YET. A few days ago I reported that the Egyptian Government had officially banned the Da Vinci Code movie. It seems I misread the article. The movie has not been released, but there is not yet an official decision to ban it. Sorry for the error.
Egyptian police seize 2,000 pirated 'Da Vinci Code' DVDs, Christians want film banned

By Omar Sinan

12:53 p.m. June 3, 2006

CAIRO, Egypt – Police seized 2,000 pirated DVDs of “The Da Vinci Code” on Saturday, and the Egyptian Coptic Christian church demanded the film be banned in Egypt.

The film has not been shown here and the government has not yet decided whether to permit it.


The head of Egypt's censorship bureau, Ali Abu Shadi said the film hasn't been banned because it has not arrived in Egypt.

“We have to see it first, and according to our rules, we will decide whether to bar the movie or to cut some scenes,” Abu Shadi told the AP.


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