Friday, June 09, 2006

SOME GREEK FRAGMENTS OF EXODUS from the same find that brought us the Gospel of Judas have been published in Vetus Testamentum. This according to Wieland Willker on the Textual Criticism list. He writes:
As you probably know, the Gospel of Judas book find did not consist of the Gospel of Judas alone, but also of other books, including Exodus in Greek and Colossians in Coptic.

Some of the Exodus fragments have now been published:

"Seven papyrus fragments of a Greek manuscript of Exodus"
Desilva, David A.; Adams, Marcus P.
Vetus Testamentum 56 (2006) 143-170

The article is available online here (but requires a paid personal or institutional subscription to access).

Weiland has links to info on other fragments as well, so read his whole message.

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