Monday, November 05, 2007

THE UNION OF ARAB ARCHAEOLOGISTS is meeting to discuss a number of archaeological issues, including Jerusalem:
Kuwait keen on active role with Union of Arab Archaeologists

Published Date: November 05, 2007 (Kuwait Times)
CAIRO: Kuwait is keen on playing an active role in archaeological events that bring together experts and enthusiasts in the field in the Arab region, a specialist told KUNA yesterday.

Kuwait University Professor Faysal Al-Kanderi said Kuwait is taking part in the current conference of the Union of Arab Archaeologists which discusses the remains and relics associated with a renowned Ottoman navigator and other figures deemed controversial at one time or another among Arab intelligentsia and culture enthusiasts.

Al-Kanderi said Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and attempts to juadize the holy city feature high on discussion items and the media's blind eye to escalations and violations on the part of Israel are also to be discussed.

Should be interesting.