Sunday, August 17, 2008

Putting together prophecy
by Erin Wisdom
Saturday, August 16, 2008 (St. Joseph News-Press, MO)

The gate is four colors. Itís blue for divinity, purple for kingship, white for purity, red for blood. The gate is Jesus, 1,500 years before anyone knows him by name.

Through the gate is the outer court surrounding the tabernacle, and you must be with a priest to enter. If youíre an ancient Israelite, you bring a treasured lamb ó really more a pet than just a piece of livestock ó to sacrifice as payment for your sins.

If youíre not an ancient Israelite, you turn off your cell phone.

ìThese guys are out of 1,500 B.C.,î Everett Weed, whoís prepping you for your tour of the tabernacle, says of the priests who will take you through the experience. ìOne rang yesterday, and it scared them half to death.î

The tabernacle experience youíre about to have will take you not through the original Mosaic tabernacle but through a life-sized replica constructed by members of Green Valley Baptist Church.