Thursday, August 21, 2008

THE SEPTUAGINT INSTITUTE at Trinity Western University is profiled in The occasion is an upcoming conference to celebrate the completion of the NETS translation project:
Lost in Translation
International scholars will congregate at Trinity Western University to discuss the Septuagint at a September 2008 conference.
by Erin Mussolum

It is called the Septuagint and in some circles is known simply as LXX. But for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the peculiar sounding term, the Septuagint is the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible.

The Septuagint Institute at Trinity Western University is dedicated to the study of this anthology of ancient texts. Created to promote research on the Septuagint, the Institute involves the largest group of specialists in this field of research at any academic institution in the country: Dr. Rob Hiebert, Dr. Larry Perkins, Dr. Dirk Büchner and Dr. Peter Flint.

From September 18-20, the Septuagint Institute will host a gathering of some of the world’s most prominent biblical scholars who will discuss the results of their research on the Septuagint. The conference marks a special occasion as well for the four Trinity Western University scholars as it will be an opportunity to celebrate, together with other experts, the recent publication by Oxford University Press of A New English Translation of the Septuagint.