Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fake metal codices latest

FAKE METAL CODICES WATCH: James McGrath covers most of the news in Fake Codices Take The Lead Around the Blogosphere.

The only other noteworthy news is the lack of it. Trust me, the mainstream media have been informed about the true status of the fake codices. The lack of coverage is not due to ignorance, it's due to unprofessional indifference. Think about that. When the media report a sensationalist story and it proves to be bogus, they feel no responsibility to inform their readers of the truth. I suppose they might if they think they can get another sensation out of the correct story, but if not, they can't be bothered. Journalists used to feel a professional obligation to their audience. No more.

Remember that.

I commented earlier on the media's treatment of the fake metal codices story here.

Background here and follow the links.

UPDATE (10 April): I should have explicitly exempted the Times from the criticism above, as I noted earlier. The Examiner and Christianity Today also ran the story of Thonemann's reply, but I don't think of them as exactly mainstream media. That still leaves a lot of top-level mainstream media who should be running corrections and haven't.

UPDATE: The Express runs the story of Peter Thoneman's debuking of the codices.