Saturday, July 23, 2011

New book: "Melekhet Mahshevet"

NEW BOOK: MELEKHET MAHSHEVET: Studies in the Redaction and Development of Talmudic Literature. Edited By Aron Shemesh Aron Amit (Bar-Ilan University Press).
This volume includes a selection of articles dealing with general questions regarding the redaction and the development of talmudic literature and with specific issues relating to different aspects of the editing and the transmission of certain talmudic works. The articles are based on papers delivered at an international conference sponsored by the Department of Talmud at Bar-Ilan University titled ``Rabbinic Textuality, Transmission, and Redaction: The Historical and Literary Processes which Generated the Rabbinic Corpus.`` These articles offer important innovations to contemporary research discourse and the volume as a whole is a major contribution to the study of Talmud and the history of the redaction of talmudic literature.
The articles are in English and Hebrew. Follow the link for PDF files of the prefaces and TOCs.

(HT Steven D. Fraade, who has an article in the volume.)