Friday, December 14, 2012

Betar case ruling

THE ISRAELI HIGH COURT has issued a ruling on the Betar case regarding the security fence:
Israeli court urges reroute of planned West Bank barrier
US-ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-BARRIER:Israeli court urges reroute of planned West Bank barrier

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's highest court has urged defense officials to reroute a barrier planned for construction on ancient farmland at a West Bank Palestinian village.

Israeli judges have ordered changes in Israel's barrier through occupied land before, but the latest decision followed a rare appeal involving support from an Israeli government environmental agency for a Palestinian challenge.

In their ruling on Thursday, judges wrote that only a 500-meter (yard) long section of the wall was under dispute at the village of Battir, known for its terraced agricultural fields, some of which are believed go back to biblical times.

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