Thursday, December 20, 2012

Categories of Sabbath-breaking

THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN by Adam Kirsch in Tablet: Why the Sabbath Is Everything. This week, the Talmud’s rabbis explore possible holy day violations to determine the nature of the sinner.

And, once again, asking the important questions:
The very first question the Gemara asks about the Mishnaic catalog of melachot ("the kinds of labor prohibited on the Sabbath"), however, is an unexpected one—though after several months of reading Daf Yomi, I find myself recognizing it as a familiar example of Talmudic reasoning. “Why,” the rabbis ask, “do I need the number?” That is, why did the Mishnah preface its list by stating that it would contain 39 items? Surely the reader could have tallied them up himself. But it is a basic principle of Talmudic interpretation that every word, every sentence, of a text is there for a reason—whether it is a biblical verse or a line of Mishnah. What purpose, then, did the Mishnah have in mind when it gave this seemingly superfluous number?
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