Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Early High Christology Club

LARRY HURTADO reminisces about The Early High Christology Club (EHCC).

I guess I'm pretty close to a charter member; I wasn't on the committee, but I attended all the Divine Mediator Figure SBL sessions (the first was in 1991) and I presented some papers in the group. Alas, I wasn't at the famous dinner. My 1998 undergraduate course Divine Mediator Figures in the Biblical World was very much inspired by the work of the group, and it led into the International Conference on the Historical Origins of the Worship of Jesus at St. Andrews, which I organized with Carey Newman. Larry Hurtado and many others from the group attended and gave papers, which were published in The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism.

I still have my mug. I'm drinking my morning coffee from it right now.