Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Yardeni, Understanding The Alphabet of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Understanding The Alphabet of the Dead Sea Scrolls
By: Ada Yardeni

The most important discovery of documents written in the “Jewish” script is the discovery of the documents from the Judean desert, known as “the Dead Sea Scrolls”.

From the Foreword by Weston W. Fields*

“Dr. Ada Yardeni stands at the head of her field, and this book is the best ever produced on the topic… The book excels in so many ways… all of which will appeal to professional and lay
readers alike.

“…the book masterfully describes the information it is possible to glean from a careful, even minute, examination of the letters and words of ancient Hebrew and Aramaic documents. …all the knowledge that must be assimilated by anyone who aspires to begin the long journey toward at least a partial expertise in the analysis of ancient Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions and texts.

“…she has provided a glimpse of the very inner workings of her mind; indeed, that she has divulged to the reader her ‘trade secrets.’

“This book sets a new standard in the field of ancient Hebrew and Aramaic paleography.”

* Weston W. Fields, Ph.D., is Executive Director of The Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation
The web page isn't very clear, but it looks as though this book has a 2012 publication date. I just found out about it, thanks to a mention by Eibert Tigchelaar on Facebook.