Friday, June 19, 2015

Diamond Rose

ANOTHER SEARCH FOR THOSE TWELVE STONES: Will TV show provide enough reason to 'Dig' up Pnina Feldman's failed venture? (Colin Kruger, Syndey Morning Herald).
The gems from the High Priest's breastplate provided the source material for a locally produced thriller called Diamond Rose, produced by the sister of "Diamond" Joe Gutnick – Pnina Feldman.

Feldman was convinced that a geologist in the Pilbara had discovered one of the 12 sacred stones which – according to the Old Testament – were set in the breastplate, known as the hoshen.

She called it "pittado" and promised in the Diamond Rose prospectus that it would make the company "Australia's premier gemstone producer and exporter".

It debuted on the ASX in 1997 with Feldman – a former schoolmistress and mother of 11 children – wheeling in four of her daughters and six rabbis for the grand occasion.
Ms. Feldman herself has posted a 1997 story about the Diamond Rose company on her blog, diamonds forever.

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