Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More mosaics at Huqoq

ANOTHER SITE THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Unique Images Uncovered in Fifth-Century Synagogue (Archaeology Magazine).
This summer’s excavations have revealed images surrounding a dedicatory inscription that include animals, male figures supporting a garland, a rooster, and male and female faces in a wreath. There are also winged putti, or cupids, holding roundels with theater masks. The team also uncovered columns inside the synagogue that had been covered in plaster and painted ivy leaf designs.
The following article by Daryl Worthington at New Historian gives another detail or two (the dedicatory inscription mentioned above is in Hebrew) and some more background on other mosaic finds at Huqoq: Unique Mosaics Found in Synagogue in Galilee.

Background on Huqoq and its mosaics is here and many links.