Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ISIS destroys another ancient monastery

ISIS AND ANTIQUITIES WATCH: Satellite proves ISIS destroyed 1,500-year-old monastery. AP confirms with satellite imagery that St. Elijah's Monastery, built 590 CE, was 'pulverized' by jihadists in Mosul (Arutz Sheva)
Satellite photos on Wednesday confirmed the reports of activists from last August, revealing that Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists have demolished the nearly 1,500-year-old St. Elijah's Monastery near Mosul to rubble.

Associated Press asked satellite imagery firm DigitalGlobe this month to photograph St. Elijah's, the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq, and then compare the images with previous pictures from the same site.

The results, published by AP on Wednesday, reveal the monastery has indeed suffered the same fate as hundreds of ancient sites in Iraq and Syria, having been destroyed by ISIS jihadists.

Background on the assault of ISIS on the past and its caretakers is here with many links.