Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Schneerson Library update

PROGRESS? Putin believes situation around Schneerson Library improved considerably (Interfax Religion).
Moscow, January 20, Interfax - Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced hope that the Schneerson Library problem has ceased to be acute now.

Putin said at a meeting with representatives of the European Jewish Congress that the Schneerson Library, which is currently exhibited at the Tolerance Center in Moscow, has been an apple of discord with representatives of the U.S. community for some time.

"I hope that now when these books will become a heritage of all those who want to familiarize themselves with them, work in the scientific field, I believe that there already should not be such acuteness. To my mind, the situation has cardinally changed," Putin said.

Background here and here and links. I have following this story since early 2010. In 2013 the Russian President proposed the solution of moving the library to the European Tolerance Center in Moscow. It isn't yet clear, at least to me, how this is now going to play out.