Tuesday, January 12, 2016

JeruZalem opening soon

CINEMA: Award-winning horror film JeruZalem opens in cinemas January 20. From emerging Israeli directors, brothers Yoav and Doron Paz comes an acclaimed award-winning film JeruZalem, winner of the Audience Award and Best Editing at the recent 32nd Jerusalem International Film Festival (INQUIRER POP).
“JeruZalem” follows two American girls on vacation who meet an attractive student studying anthropology during their trip to Jerusalem. A trip planned to be their best vacation ever, the girls, Sarah (Danielle Jadelyn) and Rachel (Yael Grobglas, Israel’s budding scream queen) do the rounds of the tour with newfound friend Kevin in tow and partying hard in Jerusalem’s ancient sites. The trio unexpectedly find themselves in the midst of a religious conflict followed by a series of horrifying biblical apocalypse.

Inspired by a line from the Talmud that states “There are three gates to hell: one in the desert, one in the ocean and one in Jerusalem,” the movie unleashes a chain of demonic events that brought about terror as the three try to escape between ancient walls of the holy city.

There is a trailer at the link. The film is shot from the POV perspective of one of the characters. I noted the film-festival premier here, where there's more on the Talmudic background. The trailer also claims that the business about the three gates of hell is found in the book of Jeremiah. It isn't. No specific passage is given, so I don't know what they are thinking.