Monday, February 22, 2016

DSS art theft

DOES THIS COUNT AS META-LOOTING? Stolen art in Wisconsin has link to San Diego. Art theft from governor’s mansion has local tie (Diane Bell, San Diego Union-Tribune)
It was with intense interest that a San Diego businesswoman read about the recent arrest of a former guard at the Wisconsin governor’s mansion for stealing a painting from the residence he oversaw.

The crime had gone undetected for nearly five years until a state archivist was doing an inventory of the mansion’s artwork. She discovered an oil painting by the late painter Aaron Bohrod was missing. He was artist in residence at the University of Wisconsin and a war correspondent for Life magazine, and has paintings in the White House and Pentagon collections as well as in the Harry S. Truman museum in Independence, Mo.

Bohrod was the San Diego woman’s father. Georgi Bohrod Gordon owns a downtown San Diego communications firm, GBG & Associates, and her daughter, Bohrod’s grandaughter, Rebeka Neubarth, lives in Escondido. One of his paintings, pictured on the cover of Time magazine, was on display here during the San Diego Natural History Museum’s “Dead Sea Scrolls” exhibit.

Follow the link for a photo of the painting. I vaguely remember it at the exhibition, which I reviewed back in 2007. The scroll in the painting is one of the pesharim, I think the Pesher to Habakkuk.