Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Interview with Jodi Magness

ARCHAEOLOGIST: Q&A with Galilee archeology expert, Jodi Magness (AUDREY LEYNAUD, The Daily Tar Heel).
She's not Indiana Jones, but she's an archaeology expert all the same. UNC Kenan Distinguished Professor Jodi Magness has been excavating the ancient village of Huqoq in Galilee, Israel since 2011. Recently, she discovered the remains of a synagogue, which featured rare mosaics, and will be speaking about her findings at Genome Science Building tonight. Staff writer Audrey Leynaud spoke to Magness about her research, her discoveries and her travels.
More on the Huqoq excavation and its mosaics is here and links. Professor Magness comments that ancient synagogue mosaics are unusual. A number of others have been mentioned in past posts here, here, here, and links.