Monday, March 28, 2016

Revisiting the Ivory Pomegranate

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY: Ivory Pomegranate Revisited: A Relic from Solomon’s Temple? Under the microscope at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. This is just an introductory summary of the BAR article. The article itself is behind the subscription wall. But the story could be important. Bruce Zuckerman is the best epigraphic photographer out there and Ada Yardeni is one of the world's premier palaeographers. If they and their epigrapher colleagues mentioned in the article are ready to reassess the genuineness of the inscription on the Ivory Pomegranate, their work deserves a hearing. In a peer-review publication, please.

Cross-file under Epigraphy. The first PaleoJudaica post that noted that the genuineness of the inscription was being questioned, back in 2004, is here. Other posts about the object are collected here and here. Watch this space.