Friday, March 18, 2016

Metatron Monarch Medallion

ARCHANGEL METATRON WATCH: ‘La Femme’: Sprawling exhibition captures diversity, talent of women artists (JOHN D’ADDARIO, New Orleans Advocate).
If you’re looking for a definitive statement on what it means to be a female artist in New Orleans in 2016, “La Femme” won’t be the place to find it.

But this sprawling exhibition at the New Orleans Arts Center on St. Claude Avenue in the Bywater offers so many engaging examples of art by women in and around the city that such statements are beside the point.

Curated by New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation Executive Director Don Marshall, “La Femme” includes work by more than 120 artists, each of whom is represented by between one and four works in the show. You don’t have to do much math to realize there’s a lot to take in.
Among the 120 are "Muffin Bernstein’s hypnotic butterfly mandalas." It happens that one of her mandalas is the first item featured in the article's slide show, with the caption "Muffin Bernstein, "Metatron Monarch Medallion" (photo credit, John D'Addario):

This appears to be a two-dimensional projection of a Metatron's Cube (on which more here and here) made of monarch butterflies, which is something different. I lived in New Orleans for three years and learned that it has a very active and talented artistic community who put on great shows and exhibitions.