Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brik the Golem

GOLEM WATCH: 'Little STALIN' & Russian Mafia vs. A Modern-Day Golem In Oni’s BRIK Zack Smith, Newsarama [Comics]).
What if you were a bullied 12-year-old in New York City who found access to an ancient power – the power of a Golem? What kind of creature would you create? What would a being of clay and magic be like in today’s world? And most of all…what kind of dangers would you have to face?

Writers Adam Glass (Suicide Squad, Rough Riders) and Mike Benson (Moon Knight, Deadpool) and artist Harwinder Singh team up to answer these questions in Brik, a new series from Oni Press that premieres in July. It’s a uniquely personal urban fantasy that touches on elements of Jewish mythology, real-life New York landmarks, and of course, big clay creatures.

Newsarama talked to Glass, Benson, and Singh about how this book came about, with a first look at character designs from the project.

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