Thursday, July 14, 2016

Adelman, "The Role of Women in the Making of the Messianic Dynasty"

The Role of Women in the Making of the Messianic Dynasty

The episode and David and Bathsheba (1 Sam. 11-12) marks the pivotal point of decline in the king’s reign; its sequel (2 Kgs. 1-2), the accession of their Solomon to the throne, suggests a redemptive turn. Bathsheba plays a bivalent role in both the making (and breaking) of the king. In the narrative paradigm of the “female ruse” that lead up to the establishment of David’s kingship (the daughters of Lot, Tamar, and Ruth), Bathsheba is unique in that she does not play the seductress; she does however ensure Solomon becomes heir to throne, and in her subtle invocation of an oath (in the name of God) affirms David’s return to grace.

See Also: The Female Ruse: Women’s Deception and Divine Sanction in the Hebrew Bible (Sheffield Phoenix Press 2015).

By Rachel Adelman
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible
Hebrew College, Newton Center, MA
June 2016
The article is about the Davidic dynastic. Whether it counts as "Messianic" depends on your viewpoint and how you are using the term.