Friday, July 15, 2016

Økland, de Vos, and Wenell (eds.), Constructions of Space III

Constructions of Space III
Biblical Spatiality and the Sacred

Editor(s): Jorunn Økland, J. Cornelis de Vos, Karen J. Wenell
Media of Constructions of Space III
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Published: 02-06-2016
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 264
ISBN: 9780567115164
Imprint: Bloomsbury T&T Clark
Series: The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies
Volume: 540
Illustrations: 12 bw illus
Dimensions: 235 x 156 mm

About Constructions of Space III
Constructions of Space III engages space both as focus in the texts under discussion, but also as analytical perspective. It explores more specifically how the Bible does not contain one, or even several, notions of sacred/holy space, even if there are undoubtedly many spaces described as such. It rather tries to trace how the discourses of space and those of the sacred intersect and interact in various writings of the Bible, more like points in a diagram, resulting in highly different ways of conceptualizing the sacred.

A spatial-critical perspective can help us better understand how the relationship between notions of holiness and of space was a more dynamic one; as notions of space changed, so notions of holiness changed, and vice versa. Such a perspective also opens up further questions such as how the Temple's periphery is constructed, and how a human being can move and orient him- or herself in such a space over-loaded with meaning.
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