Friday, July 22, 2016

JSQ 23.1 (2016)

JEWISH STUDIES QUARTERLY has published a new issue (23.1):
Jewish Studies Quarterly (JSQ)

Editors: Leora Batnitzky (Princeton) and Ra'anan Boustan (University of California, Los Angeles)

Advisory Board: Steven Aschheim (Jerusalem), Elisheva Carlebach (New York), Michael Fishbane (Chicago), Christine Hayes (New Haven), Jeffrey Shandler (New Brunswick), Israel Yuval (Jerusalem)

Managing Editor: Sally Freedman (Princeton)

ISSN 0944-5706 (Print Edition)
ISSN 1868-6788 (Online Edition)

Founded by Peter Schäfer and Joseph Dan and established in 1993, Jewish Studies Quarterly (JSQ) offers studies of Jewish history, religion and culture.

Current Issue

Jewish Studies Quarterly (JSQ) Volume 23, Number 1, 2016

Matthew Goldstone, Rebuke and the Self-Acknowledged Limits of Rabbinic Authority; pp. 1-21(21)
Jonathan A. Pomeranz, "Seven Pits for the Good Man": Torah and Popular Wisdom in Rabbinic Babylonia; pp. 22-46(25)
Doron Forte, Back to the Sources: Alternative Versions of Maimonides' Letter to Samuel Ibn Tibbon and Their Neglected Significance; pp. 47-90(44)